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The main purpose of medical refrigerator

Jun 25,2024

Medical refrigerator is a kind of equipment specially used to store and protect medicines. It is widely used in hospitals, laboratories and other places. Why medical refrigerators are needed in so many fields and what are their uses and functions?

 pharmacy refrigerator

Uses of glass door medical refrigerators:

1. Medicine storage

This is the main function of medical refrigerators. Medical refrigerators can maintain a constant low temperature to avoid adverse effects on medicines due to temperature fluctuations, so as to maintain the shelf life and stability, and prevent deterioration, decomposition, etc.

2. Vaccine storage and transportation

When storing and transporting vaccines, due to the particularity that vaccines need to be stored and transported at low temperature, medical refrigerators are generally used for storage and transportation, which have special vaccine storage function equipped with temperature control and alarm systems.

3. Laboratory reagents

Many laboratory reagents also need to be stored in medical refrigerators. Besides low temperature environment, some reagents also have requirements for humidity. Medical refrigerators can provide a good temperature and humidity environment and maintain it continuously.

4. Storage of blood and plasma

Medical refrigerators are also widely used in blood banks, blood transfusion centers and other places. During the transfusion process, blood and plasma need to be stored and transported in a low temperature environment to ensure their safety and quality, and medical refrigerators can provide a suitable and stable temperature range to ensure the quality of blood and plasma.

lab refrigerator freezer 

The above are some common uses of vertical medical refrigerators. In addition, biological samples, reagents, tissue samples, etc. can also be stored in medical refrigerators. The use of medical refrigerators is becoming more and more widespread.