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Design Details of Medical Refrigerator

Nov 25,2020
In modern medicine, medical refrigerators are very important medical equipment. With the advancement of medical technology and changes in medical requirements, people have put forward higher requirements for medical refrigerators. The quality of the medical refrigerator design directly affects the quality of the equipment. So, what should be paid attention to in the design of medical refrigerator?
First of all, The medical refrigerator is a professional refrigerator for storing drugs, vaccines, enzymes, hormones, stem cells, platelets, semen, transplanted skin and animal tissue samples, extracted RNA and gene libraries, and special drugs such as important biological and chemical reagents. According to the specific ways of use, it is subdivided into different categories, such as medicine refrigerators, vaccine refrigerators, etc. When designing a medical refrigerator, it is necessary to divide its functions and characteristics, pay attention to its equipment attributes, and adopt corresponding design measures.
Secondly, medical refrigerators mainly include electrical control systems, refrigeration systems, heating systems, and display systems. When designing a medical refrigerator, it is necessary to pay attention to the optimal configuration of its internal components, and other aspects such as electrical safety design, heat dissipation design, and safety protection. Advanced temperature control systems should be adopted to ensure that the equipment is stable in structure and functioning well, safe to use, and the temperature adjustment range is generally 2~8℃.
Furthermore, in the design of medical products, humanized design is a general trend. The design of medical refrigerators should pay more attention to user experience, and the design of humanized details should make the equipment more convenient and comfortable to use. For example, set up lighting facilities inside the medical refrigerator to facilitate the observation of stored items at night; use a precise temperature probe to automatically display the internal temperature of the cabinet to facilitate observation of temperature changes in the cabinet at any time; safety door lock design to prevent abnormal door opening; silent design specially for quiet environment etc.
In addition, the appearance design of medical refrigerators is becoming more and more important. In modern medical needs, people not only pay attention to the safety and stability of the equipment function, but also pay more attention to the affinity and beauty. In the appearance design of the medical refrigerator, more emotional elements should be incorporated, such as the use of environmentally friendly and healthy materials, warm color design, smooth and round curved surface design, delicate surface processing, etc., to increase the affinity of the product and change the cold image of traditional medical equipment to satisfy people's use, aesthetic and emotional needs.
Finally, there are still many issues that need to be paid attention to in the design of medical refrigerators, such as frosting, installation, and maintenance. Medical refrigerators, medical freezers, medicine refrigerators, cool cabinets, etc. are very important equipment in hospitals. Once a failure occurs, the quality of medicines, reagents, etc., will be seriously affected, even life-threatening in serious cases, so it needs thoughtful and careful design to avoid potential safety hazards and ensure the safety and reliability of equipment use.