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Application of Explosion-proof Refrigerator

Feb 18,2021

Explosion-proof refrigerators are special refrigerators. They are mainly used in special industrial environments. They are used to store dangerous goods that are difficult to store at room temperature, volatile, flammable and explosive, such as pharmaceutical reagents, etc., at a lower temperature. With the continuous development of aerospace and other fields, the use of explosion-proof refrigerators has been getting more and more widespread.
Because the temperature of the refrigerator is automatically controlled, when the temperature in the refrigerator is lower than the rated temperature, the power supply will be automatically cut off; and when the temperature in the refrigerator is higher than the rated temperature, the power is turned on again. The switch in the refrigerator frequently beats and the bimetal is always on or off, so when the power is on or off, electric sparks often burst out on the contacts of the control element. An electric spark will explode if it encounters flammable liquid vapor. At the same time, because the refrigerator is in an approximately sealed state and the decompression conditions are poor, so once an explosion occurs, its power is much greater than a space explosion. Therefore, a small amount of flammable liquid volatilizes to form an explosive mixture and explode, which can cause serious damage.
Generally, the dangerous goods that need to be stored at low temperature are highly volatile, extremely flammable and explosive. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to store flammable and explosive dangerous goods in ordinary refrigerators without explosion-proof devices.
In order to ensure safe use, volatile, unstable, low-boiling compounds, and drugs that require low-temperature storage must be placed in the required environment (low-temperature refrigerator) as required. The container for storing flammable and explosive materials stored in the refrigerator must be highly sealed without any gap, and the explosion-proof refrigerators should be used to store the flammable and explosive materials.