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Temperature range of ultra-low temperature freezer

Feb 29,2024

Ultra-low temperature freezers are widely used, such as tuna preservation, low-temperature testing and preservation of electronic appliances, special materials, and low-temperature preservation of biological reagents, products, samples, etc. Therefore, the ultra-low temperature freezers play a very important role in scientific research, biomedical and other industries.

mini medical refrigerator 

Generally, the temperature range of ultra-low temperature refrigerators is -40°C to -125°C, but like ordinary refrigerators, relevant maintenance and upkeep must be carried out to ensure its efficiency and service life. Improper operation can easily cause temperature errors, which may even lead to damage to the refrigerator or deviations in experimental results.

vertical low temperature freezer 

Usually, the operating altitude of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator should be kept below 2KM. Do not use it to store strong acid or corrosive samples. The general temperature is set at - 60°C, and in summer it is around -70°C. Do not set the temperature too low. Keep the room well ventilated, and the temperature should be below 30°C. In addition, it should be cleaned once a month.

minus 86 medical freezer 

The maintenance and upkeep of medical low temperature freezer is particularly important to extend the service life and normal use. Inaccurate temperature control often leads to damage to the stored objects, which has a great impact on the experimental results and thus affects the normal progress of research work.