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Tips for using lab medical explosion-proof refrigerator

Jan 25,2024

Medical refrigerators are divided into medicine storage refrigerator, medical blood refrigerator, medical freezer, etc. Medical refrigerators are commonly used in scientific research laboratories, medical institutions, prevention and control centers, etc.

mini medical refrigerator 

Precautions for using laboratory medical explosion-proof refrigerators:

1. Medical refrigerators are strictly prohibited from storing living animals, flowers or other items that have strict temperature requirements and are not suitable for medical refrigerators.

2. When the medical refrigerator is left unused for a long time, please unplug the power plug and package it for storage.

3. When restarting the medical refrigerator after a power outage or turning off the power, please check the device settings first, otherwise the stored items may be damaged due to changes in settings.

4. Medical refrigerators are storage equipment and cannot be used as production equipment!

5. When moving the equipment, please be careful not to let the equipment fall over to prevent equipment damage or personal injury.

6. When transporting, it should be lifted from the bottom. The inclined surface should not be greater than 45 degrees, and move it with care.

vertical ult freezer  

The main function of medical refrigerator freezer is to preserve medicine, reagents, vaccines, etc. at low temperatures. The storage temperature of medicines is generally divided into cold storage, cool storage and normal temperature storage. 

double door medical refrigerator