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How to choose a medical refrigerator

Dec 27,2023

Medical refrigerators can be divided into medicine storage refrigerators, blood bank refrigerators, medical freezers, etc. The temperature range of medical refrigerators is generally 2-8°C, and they are mainly used for refrigeration, preservation and transportation of medicines, reagents, vaccines, blood, etc.

small medical refrigerator 

How to select a medical refrigerator:

1. Brand

It is recommended to choose a brand product. The product line is long enough, and the refrigeration R&D capabilities, production capabilities, cost advantage and technology will be obviously higher.

2. Door type

If you need to protect storage items from light, choose a refrigerator with a foam door. If not, it is recommended to choose a glass door medical refrigerator. Normally, the foam door has no light and the temperature is more uniform.

3. Region

If it is an area with high humidity in the south, be sure to choose an electric heating model to avoid condensation on the glass door.

4. Storage characteristics

If the stored items are temperature-sensitive, it is recommended to choose a model with good temperature uniformity. If 2-8 degrees is enough, just choose an ordinary model to save budget.

5. Noise

Noise is an easily overlooked issue. For example, the noise level of small refrigerators is generally controlled below 43 decibels.

6. Data information

Models with USB interface, printer, and WIFI function are preferred.

vertical medical refrigerator 

When purchasing a medical refrigerator, you should consider the aspects such as the inside temperature, volume, electric heating glass door, door automatic rebound, identification strip, detection hole, thermal printer, USB interface, RS232 data terminal, remote alarm, terminal door lock, warranty period, mute effects, etc..

double door medical freezer