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Main types of medical refrigerators

Nov 28,2023

Medical refrigerator is a relatively broad concept, which generally refers to the refrigerators for professional storage of biological products, vaccines, medicines, reagents, blood, cells, etc. that are afraid of temperature fluctuations.

medical freezer 

Medical refrigerators can be subdivided into:

1. Medical refrigerator: The temperature range is 2-8°C. It is generally used in university laboratories, hospital pharmacies, laboratory departments, clinics, CDC, pharmaceutical enterprises, biological companies, food processing, chemical industry, electronics, etc.

2. Medical refrigerator freezer: This type of refrigerator usually has two compressors. The temperature of the refrigeration chamber is 2-8°C, and the temperature of the freezing chamber ranges from -10°C to -40°C.

3. Cooling box: The temperature is 8-20°C, and mainly used in roadside pharmacies. This type of product is not a medical device,so the refrigeration technology is relatively simple.

4. Ultra-low temperature refrigerator: There are usually -150°C, -86°C, -60°C, -40°C, etc., with good temperature uniformity, large capacity, and relatively high price.

blood bank refrigerator 

Medical lab refrigerators are commonly used in scientific research laboratories, medical institutions, prevention and control centers, etc. It has the characteristics of precise temperature control range, high temperature display accuracy, and small temperature fluctuation range.

ice lined refrigerator