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Difference between cryopreservation in ultra-low temperature freezer and liquid nitrogen freezing

Jul 28,2023

The ultra-low temperature refrigerator is a commonly used equipment in the laboratory, which is mainly used to store biological samples and medicines at low temperature. Similarly, the liquid nitrogen freezing method is also used to store some samples and other items in laboratory. What is the difference between cryopreservation in ultra-low temperature refrigerators and liquid nitrogen freezing?

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The difference between cryopreservation in ultra-low temperature freezer and liquid nitrogen freezing:

1. Different purposes

The liquid nitrogen is mainly used for the temporary quick freezing and preservation of some materials or the pretreatment of some experimental materials in laboratory. While the ultra-low temperature freezer is mainly suitable for long-term storage.

2. Different material handling

Liquid nitrogen can instantly turn cell moisture into ice crystals, which prevents the action of enzymes and cell decomposition, and can protect cell components to a great extent. However, ultra-low temperature freezers cannot instantly reduce the core temperature of cells or tissues below the action temperature of enzymes, so the freezing speed is much slower than that of liquid nitrogen freezing.

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Ultra-low temperature refrigerators, also known as ultra-low deep freezer and ultra-low temperature freezers, are mainly used for scientific research, experiments or storage of some special materials such as medical supplies, biological products, ocean fisheries, and electronic components.

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