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How to handle refrigeration system failure of low temperature freezer

Jun 28,2023

The ultra-low temperature refrigerator is an instrument that is often used in the laboratory. In daily use, some problems will inevitably occur in ultra-low temperature refrigerators, and major losses will be caused if they are not repaired in time. The most common problem is refrigeration.

 low temperature freezer

Ways to deal with refrigeration system failure of ultra low temperature freezer:

1. First observe with the naked eye to see if there is any oil spill on the pipeline and the base, because the refrigerant and the lubricant are used together. If the refrigerant leaks, the lubricant will also leak. You can judge whether there is refrigerant leakage by observing whether there is oil spill.

2. If the ultra-low temperature refrigerator is working normally, the cooling and heating cycle is very smooth, and there will be no overheating or overcooling at this time, so you can feel whether the temperature is normal by touching the panel of the compressor with your hands.

3. If you can’t judge through the first two methods, you need to use a clamp ammeter to measure the current of the compressor when it is working, and compare the measured actual value with the maximum current calculated by the rated power to determine the problem.

 pharmacy refrigerator

Medical refrigerators are widely used in many industries and fields such as scientific research institutions, medical and health care, biopharmaceuticals, and pharmacies. During use, attention should be paid to the management of the refrigerator, regular inspection, regular cleaning, and maintenance to ensure the good working condition.

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