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Advantages of Medical Refrigerators

May 29,2023

Medical refrigerator is a category of medical refrigerators in the medical industry, which  are professional equipment for refrigerating medicines. It is mainly used for cold storage, preservation, and transportation of medicines, biological agents, vaccines, and blood, and is also used to store biological products, which is applicable to pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, centers for disease prevention and control, health centers, etc.

 mini medical freezer

The cooling effect of the medical refrigerator is better. Most medical refrigerators and freezers use high-tech compressors, which have better cooling effects and are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The desired temperature can be reached in a short time, and the temperature can be set directly outside, and the computer will automatically adjust the temperature inside the freezer, which is more convenient to use. The parts of the freezer are made of high and low temperature resistant and corrosion resistant materials, which increases its service life.

 vertical freezer

Compared with ordinary refrigerators and commercial refrigerators, medical refrigerators require high temperature control accuracy, small temperature fluctuations, and high uniformity. Electronic controllers are mostly used, so the temperature fluctuations are small and the temperature recovers quickly after opening the door. It has a complete alarm system, and a temperature recorder is configured to record the temperature operation for future reference, which can ensure the safety of stored medicines, vaccines and other preparations to the greatest extent.

 double glass door refrigerator

The sealing degree of the medical refrigerator freezer is very important, and the sealing degree of products produced by different manufacturers is also different. Generally, the price of freezers with better thermal insulation performance will be slightly higher, but the sealing degree is better, and the energy saving performance is also stronger.