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How to use the medical refrigerator correctly

May 27,2022

Medical refrigerator is a category of medical refrigerators in the medical industry, and is a professional equipment for refrigerating medicines. It is mainly used for the refrigeration, preservation and transportation of medicines, biological preparations, vaccines, and blood, and can also be used to store biological products, which is suitable for pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, CDC, health clinics.

medical refrigerator 

Way to use the medical freezer correctly:

1. Medical refrigerators are mainly used to store medicines and related items. It is inevitable that there will be some peculiar smells, so regular cleaning is required, and professional detergent should be used for cleaning.

2. The surface of blood bank refrigerator is relatively hard, but in order to ensure its service life, usually do not let the refrigerator touch hard objects, and keep it away from open flames. Medical refrigerators have stricter temperature requirements than ordinary refrigerators. 

medical freezer 

3. When using low temperature refrigerator, handle it gently, and pay attention to the temperature range when connecting to the power supply, and do not be rough, so as not to affect the use effect.

4. In the use of refrigerator, please record the temperature on the display screen at regular intervals, and make sure that the temperature in the refrigerator is within a constant range. If the temperature data is inaccurate, please do professional inspection and maintenance.

5. Regularly check the lab freezer, including external damage and internal walls, so as not to affect the refrigeration and thermal insulation performance.

6. Avoid sunlight and humidity, and place it in a normal indoor environment to ensure the effect of the refrigerator.

low temperature refrigerator