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How to choose ultra low temperature freezer

Apr 26,2022

Ultra low temperature freezer is also called ultra-low temperature storage box, deep freezer, and ultra low temperature refrigerator. As the name suggests, it is a refrigerator or storage box with extremely low temperature, which has a wide range of applications in medical, scientific research, biology and other fields, for the preservation of plasma, biological materials, vaccines and reagents. So how should we choose an ultra low temperature refrigerator?

medical freezer 

First, when choosing a deep freezer, we need to look at how it controls  the low temperature and high temperature systems. These are aspects that are relatively easy to ignore. In addition, it is also necessary to look at whether the medical refrigerator itself has refrigerant and its refrigeration principle, whether it contains fluorine, and what kind of semiconductor is used for refrigeration, taking environmental protection issues into consideration. Ultra-low temperature freezer refrigerants have been developed to the stage of new hydrocarbon refrigerants, which have two advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, and are currently the most ideal refrigerants in the world.

low temperature freezer 

Refrigeration is the core of lab ultra-low temperature refrigerator. Stability and long life are the most important. Two-stage cascade refrigeration is a mature refrigeration method recognized by the academic circles. We also need to pay attention to energy-saving issues. We can check whether the medical freezer has energy-saving features. The easiest way is to observe the data of the amount of energy consumed in a day, which can usually be judged by its motor.

ultra low temperature freezer