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How to properly maintain medical refrigerator

Mar 24,2022

Medical refrigerator is one type of low temperature freezers in the medical industry. It is a professional equipment for refrigerating medicines, which is mainly used for the refrigeration, preservation and transportation of medicines, biological preparations, vaccines and blood, and can also be used to store biological products.

medical refrigerator

As a special medical refrigerator for storing temperature-sensitive vaccines, reagents, and medicines, if not used properly, it will cause various problems, resulting in irreparable losses. So what needs to be paid attention to in the maintenance of the medical refrigerator.

1. The refrigerator should be placed on a level ground with a certain space for heat dissipation.

2. The voltage of the external power supply must be matched, and a good grounding wire is required.

3. All reagents, samples, quality control materials, etc. placed in the +2℃ to 8 ℃ medical refrigerator must be sealed and stored.

4. Clean the refrigerator regularly, cut off the power supply when cleaning, wipe the inside and outside with a soft cloth dipped in water, and use neutral detergent if necessary.

5. If the temperature exceeds the specified range, adjust the temperature control to make it return to the normal range. If no response, contact professional personnel immediately.

low temperature freezer 

The temperature of medical refrigerator freezer is stable and uniform, with small fluctuations, which not only provides a safety guarantee for the hospital to store medicines, reagents and blood products, but also for the clinical treatment of patients. Regular disinfection and monitoring of microbial contamination in refrigerators and establishment of a temperature monitoring system for the storage of pharmaceutical preparations are essential.

medical refrigerator freezer