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Brief Introduction to Ice Lined Refrigerators

Aug 19,2021
The medical refrigerator is a professional freezer used for storing medicine, vaccines, enzymes, hormones, stem cells, platelets, semen, transplanted skin and animal tissue samples, extracted RNA and gene libraries, as well as some important biological and chemical reagents and other special drugs. Medical refrigerators are widely used in many industries and fields such as scientific research institutions, medical and health care, bio-pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, etc., and are one of the indispensable medical equipment.
Ice lined refrigerators are also called vaccine storage boxes, vaccine refrigerators, and ice lined freezers, which are one kind of medical refrigerators. The ice lined refrigerator uses ice-lined plates for cold storage, and it consists of a box body, an insulation layer, an ice-lined layer, an inner tank and a compressor system installed in the lower part of the box.
The ice-lined layer is composed of ice-lined plates and ring-wraps around the inner tank, equipped with two thermostat control heads. Two thermostats are installed at the bottom of the box. There are several vents at the bottom of the inner tank and a fan vent, and there is an air duct between the inner tank and the tank seat. The ice-lined plate is used to replace the ice pipe for cold storage, which has a large cold storage capacity, a balanced inner temperature and a long heat preservation time. After the power is off, it can maintain a continuous temperature of 2-8 degrees for 30 hours, which is suitable for storing various vaccines.
Ice lined refrigerators are professional refrigeration equipment suitable for refrigerating medicines in the medical industry, and can also be used to store biological products, vaccines, medicines, reagents, etc., suitable for pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, disease prevention and control centers, community health service centers, and laboratories etc. When using ice lined refrigerators to store vaccines, cryopreserved vaccines should be stored at the bottom, and refrigerated vaccines should be stored near the top of the refrigerator.
It can store enough cold capacity for the box before the power is off, avoiding the power failure when the compressor is about to start, and perfectly solving the problem that it is extremely difficult to maximize the cold storage before transportation. At the same time, it has multiple alarm functions such as high temperature, low temperature, power failure, low battery power, sensor failure, etc., to fully guarantee the safety of samples.