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330L +2 to +8℃ Medical Refrigerator

330L +2 to +8℃ Medical Refrigerator

Model:NBYC-330L +2 to +8℃ Medical Refrigerator
Application:Laboratory,hospital,storage of blood vaccines and medical drugs
Product Details
330L +2 to +8℃ Medical Refrigerator

professional refrigeration equipment for refrigerating medicines in the medical industry, and also for storing biological products, vaccines, drugs, reagents, etc., suitable for pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, disease prevention and control centers, community health service centers, and various laboratories Wait.
Main features:

1. Working conditions: ambient temperature 16-32℃, ambient humidity: 20-80%, voltage: 220V±10%, frequency 50±1Hz.
2. Style: vertical, single door.
3. High-brightness digital display, arbitrarily set within the range of 2~8℃, and the temperature display accuracy is 0.1℃.
4. Complete sound and light alarm function: It has multiple sound and light alarm functions such as high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensor failure alarm, door opening alarm, etc., making the storage of items safer.
5. One test hole is standard on the left, which is convenient for users to monitor the temperature in the box.
6. Temperature control: high-precision computer temperature control system; the box has a built-in precision temperature sensor to control the temperature accurately and stably; the intelligent control fan has a strong cooling air circulation system to ensure the uniformity of the temperature inside the box.
7. Double-layer transparent thermal insulation glass door, electric heating door body anti-condensation design, no condensation under 80% humidity environment.
8. The cabinet is equipped with a lock to prevent random opening.
9. The bottom is equipped with 4 universal casters (with locking function) to facilitate the movement of the box.
10. The box body is made of high-quality structural steel plate, through advanced anti-corrosion phosphate spraying technology, and the inner wall is sprayed aluminum plate material.
11. The LED lighting function makes the interior clear at a glance.
12. 5 pieces high-quality steel wire dipped plastic shelf makes it easier to sort and store items and easy to clean.
13. Adopt famous brand high-efficiency compressor, non-fluorine environmentally friendly refrigerant, energy saving and high efficiency.
14. The door opening fan motor stops running, and the door closing fan motor starts running automatically


Model Capacity(L) Input power(W) Storage temperature(℃) Dimension mm Inner size mm Net weight kg
NB-330L 330L 300 2-8 620*592*1937 524*475*1378 96kg

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