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Ultra-low Temperature Freezer Maintenance Skills

Aug 31,2020

Ultra-low temperature freezer equipment is expensive due to the scarcity of refrigerants, and the maintenance costs are high because of its complex structure. Ultra-low temperature freezers are frequently damaged owing to improper use and maintenance. In order to ensure the normal operation of the ultra-low temperature freezer and prevent equipment damage, it is recommended to ensure the ambient temperature (it must be below 30°C), regularly clean the heat dissipation filter (once every two months), and regularly clean the ice at the door seal of the freezer.


Warranty common sense of ultra-low temperature freezer:

The maintenance of ultra-low temperature freezers is particularly important for prolonging its service life and normal use. If the temperature is not accurately controlled, it will often cause damage to the preserved objects, which will have a great impact on the experimental results, thereby affecting the normal progress of research work.


1. Clean once a month to ensure its cleanliness

Use a dry cloth to remove a small amount of dust on the inside and outside of the freezer and accessories. If it is too dirty, clean it with neutral detergent and then rinse it thoroughly with pure water. But do not flush the inside and the upper part of the freezer, otherwise it will damage the insulation material and cause malfunction. The compressor and other mechanical parts do not need to use lubricating oil. Be careful when cleaning the fan behind the compressor. After cleaning, perform a safety inspection to ensure that the freezer plug is plugged in properly and not falsely connected, to ensure that the plug is not abnormally hot, to ensure that the power cord and distribution cord on the back of the freezer are not broken or nicked


2. The siren starts the alarm

When the alarm is activated by the siren, the following aspects can usually be checked. First, check whether there is a problem with the power supply or whether the plug is pulled out of the socket. Second, check whether the internal thermometer is out of the proper range, in this case, putting the items in the freezer will heat up it and trigger the alarm. Third, check whether Too many items are inserted at one time.


3. Insufficient cooling of the freezer

Check whether there is frost on the surface of the evaporator; whether the freezer door is opened and closed too frequently; whether the back of the freezer touches the wall; whether too many items are placed in.


4. The freezer is too noisy

Check whether the bottom plate is firm and whether the freezer is stable. If it is not stable, adjust the movable screws so that the four corners are firmly supported on the bottom plate. Check whether any objects touch the back of the freezer. If the refrigeration effect is poor, the freezer does not stop, the radiator pipe is not hot, and the evaporator has a small airflow noise, these are due to the serious shortage of refrigerant caused by slow leakage. In the actual use process, there will be many other problems. The solutions to these problems require continuous accumulation of experience to eliminate obstacles, so that the ultra-low temperature freezer can reach the best working condition.

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